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I’m Taylor Paige Morgan, and this blog is a collection of my wildest fantasies, dreams, desires, experiences and day-to-day thoughts. I love writing and I love aesthetics and for that matter I love all things creative, and this place was conceived as an outlet of sorts for some of that as well as a fun place to hang out and get off.
I’m open to conversations with cute, intelligent and fun boys and girls, so feel free to send me a PM here on Tumblr or on Skype and introduce yourself. I’m happy to show a photo of myself and even to talk on cam if you are especially sweet, but first you have to take the initiative and get in touch ;)
I hope you enjoy reading these stories as much as I have enjoyed writing them. Muah!
Taylor-Paige xxx

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Simply awesomeness x

Simply awesomeness x

frostyboyanddragonboy said: Hi! IM SO FUCKING HORNEEEYYYY and I honestly just found this and HELP! Can u please pleaseee write something dirty to me x) Im a girl btw xx

Yes babe - did you check out the latest story (below and to be continued as well!) … thanks for coming by, so pleased you like it here hehe xx

skyler5800 said: Can you do a story about two girls in the shower? Mina and Makayla maybe?

Yeah and then in bed after … that sounds hot I agree xx

Anonymous said: Hey I'm new to tumblr I stumbled along your page last night and I've climaxed 6 times today to your stories I didn't even know that was possible! Your writings amazing 😋

So good to hear that sweetie xx

When he was back in his room, ETHAN called TYLER and asked him to come over. There he began to tell his friend about his sister – how she had seemed a little turned on when he had mentioned his buddy TYLER earlier.

“Shit, it – it makes me kinda horny to be honest,” said TYLER at last.

“Me too, I guess,” said ETHAN.

Both boys began rubbing over their shorts for a moment, just pressing but then more firmly rubbing up and down.

Before long ETHAN couldn’t keep his cock from throbbing really hard. He had to whack off – he knew that. But his friend was here? Fuck – and he needed it so much worse than usual right now.

ETHAN nearly breathed a sigh of exhasperation when TYLER said: “Let’s go check out her room!” But he was so horny he could hardly stop himself – if only to take his throbbing cock off his mind.

Slowly, in their swimming shorts, they crept around the corner to ETHAN’s sister’s bedroom. She was on the phone with her friend MIA downstairs, so he walked right into her bedroom. There on her sheets were her wet panties from the pool with a slick, thick cum stain streaked right down through the crotch.

It kinda turned ETHAN on too to think about TYLER cumming on her, while KAYLA jerked his friend’s cock hard and pulled her foreskin back so that he jizzed all over ETHAN’s bed … right here, and now.

“F-fuuck dude, I don’t know if I can help myself,” said TYLER, pulling out his hard cock and revealing the head wet with precum. He pressed it into KAYLA’s panties crotch.

ETHAN couldn’t contain himself for long either, even though he knew he should intervene.

Soon he was pumping his clenched hand over his cock and thinking of TYLER and his sister KAYLA fucking doggy-style, while his balls hardened and tightened and he felt his cum surging up through his long, hard cock. He had a massive cock for his age, and he loved stroking it like this. “FUUUUUUUU-CKKKKKK,” he gasped, closing his eyes.

“Jeeeeeeeeez-arghghghh-fuuckkkkkyahhh!” moaned TYLER, clenching his teeth. As his cum jizzed all over KAYLA’s panties, ETHAN also let rip, shooting cum all over her bed and a little over TYLER’s balls, which made his friend only cum even harder. “F—-ffffffuckkkkk! KaylaaaaIwanntyourtightvirginpussysoooobaaaad, mmmmmfuuuck!”

Just then, with mess all over her panties and her bed sheets, and her younger brother and his friend standing at her bed with their shorts down and in mid-orgasm, KAYLA walked in.


ETHAN lunged headlong with his bulging right arm and splashed KAYLA for a third time. He looked at her image half-covered by the pool: she actually looked hot. KAYLA hadn’t gotten into a proper bikini, seeing as she was just playing around with her brother in the home pool: her panties and her bra made up for a makeshift bikini, revealing more of her body than would usually be the case. Until now ETHAN hadn’t really noticed how hot his sis was. His cheeks reddened at the thought, and he made another splash at her involuntarily to cover his embarrassment and surprise.

“Knock it off, would you!”

KAYLA scrunched her face up into a ball and mock-punched ETHAN, who stared back at her through the whisps of his sandy-brown hair through his big, round, blue eyes. As he looked at her, watery-eyed, she felt a pang of guilt rush through her at taking her frustration out on her younger brother.

She wasn’t really annoyed with ETHAN … more like mildly irritated. And it wasn’t even his fault – not really, anyway.

The truth was, it had been a slow summer this year. Only weeks ago KAYLA had been looking forward to all the time she was going to be spending with JOSH, her boyfriend of two months, but then, right as the summer holidays came around – they broke up when he had been caught by her friends making out with another girl at some end-of-year party held at someone’s house.

“I-I’m sorry, Ethan, I didn’t wanna – I’m sorry” said KAYLA at last.

“I know you’re really sad about Josh,” ETHAN replied. “What a fuckin’ penis!”

“Ethan!” responded KAYLA in exclamation, pretty much by default: she wasn’t used to hearing her younger brother talk about people that way. He was usually so nice about everyone.

“Well – he is. I almost went round his house when I heard what he did to you from TYLER –”

“You’re like half his size,” laughed KAYLA. “But that’s sweet honey.” Then it occurred to her that everyone must be talking about the breakup if TYLER, her younger brother’s brat friend was gossiping about it. “What’s Tyler talkin’ about it all to ya for, anyway?”

“Ah, don’t worry about it – Tyler is hot for you!” laughed ETHAN.

Now it was KAYLA’s turn to go red with embarrassment. “Shut uuuup Ethan I swear …” She thought about his dark hair and medium-height tough-guy demeanor. He was younger than her but OK, so TYLER was kiiiiiiinda cute but in a precocious sort of way more than anything.

“He iiiis – I swear to you!”

At that KAYLA felt her crotch contract in a sudden flurry of excitement and a soft treacle of hot cum melt between her clit. She pressed it under the water by way of reflex. Fuck – it had been way too long since she had last cum.

For a moment she began to think of rubbing her clit over TYLER’s cock, unleashing it from his boxers and rubbing it like crazy until he squirted his cum all over her body and she made him lick it up and into her clit.

“What?” said ETHAN?

“Hmmmm…” KAYLA let out an involuntary moan. “Fuuuck. Nothing, just … stuff,” she said at last.

Anonymous said: You always write how girls peeing themselves when masturbating... Do you mean they're cumming? Orrr? Because I've never peed myself doing it.... So horny thinking about masturbating and peeing. Can you write story about me? My name is Valentina. I'm russian, and my boyfriend name is Kyle. I love stories you write. Keep doing that.


OK, that’s an interesting question. It can be either. Personally, I’ve done - and I enjoy doing - both. Sometimes the feeling of the warm pee against my panties in class or whatever sends my clit aching, but if you can squirt during orgasm then that’s a kind of cum-pee, if that answers your question?

Sometimes when I used to masturbate I couldn’t hold it I was so excited and I would just pee under my jeans and panties, and trying to hide the wet stain by cupping my clit with both hands would send me right over the edge and I would have a huge, public, moaning orgasm!

Anonymous said: I was so horny in class today, my friend had a random boner and was trying to hide it and it was so hot, and I could feel my panties getting wet and i wanted to rub that dick and have him play with my tits... I wanted to go to the restroom and masturbate but I've never done that before, I had to wait till I got home. God I'm turned on again, I think I'll go for around two with my fingers..


Trust me, I know EXACTLY what you were going through, my clit is aching now from class all day to be honest …x

slvrmnkyakacheerios said: I was justt browsing and come across your page. Very few people express themselves the way that you do, which is what attracted me. My name is KJ by the way. Nice to see your blog.

Thank you babe … I love it when people randomly “find” this blog and keep coming back for more. I am really pleased you like the writing too: I try and create a deeper emotional and intellectual response to the sex I guess, so that it mirrors a sort of fantastical reality. I think emotion makes the whole thing so much hornier x

Anonymous said: I just wanna shove my pussy onto your tongue and have you lick it clean. Then, I'll finger fuck your pussy until you squirt so hard that you scream and moan. Or maybe you could just write a story? Missing cumming and pleasuring myself to your work.

Oh babe that makes me soooo hot !! Which ones do you like best? While we are here, any requests? x

Anonymous said: yesterday my girlfriend and her friend slept over my house in the middle of the night i was trying to sneak into my room (where my gf was sleeping but i caught her and her best friend in there making out i wasnt sure what to do so i kinda just watched from the door and jacked off

Oh babe that must have been hot. I have a few stories about that here xx

drazahoib said: You unknowingly introduced me to my newest addiction. You are simply amazing. The addiction being tumblr. I have not been following you but when I first found your page I spent many countless hours reading your stories and imaging how wonderful you must be. Thank you so much ma'am keep it up. I will be on the lookout to purchase your book. What I would do to taste you, to actually hear you moan? Well a lot. Thanks again ma'am.

Thank YOU babe xx

I have the first in a series of books out now! Go to buy Face: The Shanghai Sorority (Book 1) BY CLICKING HERE to take you to the Amazon page! I promise, it’s a gripping story and it’s pretty … eh … intense in parts! Txxx

I have the first in a series of books out now! Go to buy Face: The Shanghai Sorority (Book 1) BY CLICKING HERE to take you to the Amazon page! I promise, it’s a gripping story and it’s pretty … eh … intense in parts! Txxx

Uggggggghhhhh-ffff—uuuu-b-b-bbbb-ugggghhh!” Then, just as Claudia had predicted would happen, Madison was having a ridiculous orgasm – it was coming over her in waves and subsiding, coming back again and subsiding, all the while ejaculating, ejaculating, and ejaculating some more.

Ohhhh, fff—-uuuckkkk!!!!! I-I-SHE thi- FU-CKKK- I’m gonna c-c—uu-” Every movement just made Madison squirm all the more,  even if it was proactive: simply touching Claudia’s her soft flesh or biting on her tongue produced the most sensuous of reactions.

And again, it felt to Madison like her vagina just seemed to keep open wider with the force of the gushes that pushed her pussy lips open, and she  moaned louder still, until  Claudia’s sheets were for the second day running, sodden with her cum and her pee and the remnants of her wave of three consecutive orgasms.

Madison froze, breathless for a moment.

“Claudia, I think you – and your Dad – might have saved my life last night,” she said at last. “I don’t know what to say in return.”

Claudia just kissed Madison on the mouth – it was a long, tender, wet, flickering kiss, and it lasted for minutes as the two girls dry-humped one another and breathed more strongly up against each other’s pretty faces. Eventually, it was Claudia who spoke first. “Madison,” she said seriously. I love you.

And Madison noticed within Claudia’s eyes that the dark swirls of her irises, usually so still and subjecting set against her the dark matter of her pupils, were moving rapidly now, drawing her right in for once swiftly into the unblinking present in a series of tiny little bursts of contractions and re-expansions.

For the first time since she had been in Manhattan, Madison felt as if she was living in the NOW!, and feeling this way, she held Claudia’s gaze for many, many more minutes, and thought how much it looked like an infinity pool of many karmas lived long, long ago, spread out generations of lifetimes apart, all suddenly being reborn at once and colliding on planets spread out all across the galaxy up above them and around them in a space she in her lifetime would likely never see or know, but would just be content to believe in.

***Get my book FACE***

And get off!

“You really don’t have to do that,” said Claudia.

“Shhh! Babe, I want to.” And she did. Slowly, she began licking and sucking at Claudia’s clit. There was something more delicate, more involved, and much more intimate about going down on Claudia than there had been with Claudia.

Hhhhhmmmmm-eeehhhhmmm!” Claudia whined softly while Madison explored her shaven pussy. She took the palms of her hands and grabbed Claudia’s buttocks hard, her fingernails lightly scratching the surface of the Chinese girl’s skin. After that, Madison licked the top of her digit finger of her right hand and gently pressed it against Claudia’s asshole. Slowly, she slid the tip of it inside her as her vibrator whhzzzzed against her clit.

Claudia let out a sharp, high pitch squealing sound that pierced the silence of the room. “Ohhhhhhh-bbbbbughhhh-eeeehhhhmmmm! I-I’m cuuuumm-hhing! It was erotic to hear Claudia moan in such extatic tones, such was her usually typically Chinese, conservative, almost shy demeanor.

Claudia looked her in the eyes. “This is going to go quickly, and it’s going to be very intense, so don’t worry about it. Your body is just kicking out all the drugs, OK?” Madison nodded, and their tongues embraced in that complicated dance – nay, waltz – within and out of one another’s mouths. Without warning, Claudia’s fingertips briefly stroked the perimeter of her vaginal lips as she pressed her own vibrator, wet with her own pussy-juices firmly up against Madison’s clit. Madison had no control over her bodily fluids as she began to eject a flood of cum – maybe there was some pee in ether as well, she couldn’t tell. All she knew is that the feeling was fucking insane!

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