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I’m Taylor Paige Morgan, and this blog is a collection of my wildest fantasies, dreams, desires, experiences and day-to-day thoughts. I love writing and I love aesthetics and for that matter I love all things creative, and this place was conceived as an outlet of sorts for some of that as well as a fun place to hang out and get off.
I’m open to conversations with cute, intelligent and fun boys and girls, so feel free to send me a PM here on Tumblr or on Skype and introduce yourself. I’m happy to show a photo of myself and even to talk on cam if you are especially sweet, but first you have to take the initiative and get in touch ;)
I hope you enjoy reading these stories as much as I have enjoyed writing them. Muah!
Taylor-Paige xxx

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FRANKIE put her fingers over the wet crotch of MAXINE’s panties softly and began to slide her index finger up her pussy —

'UHHHH-GGooooodd, soooo ssssss—” MAXINE could only moan in pleasure.

"Think of RYAN’s cock. Think of him masturbating his huge cock over your tits right now while I lick his cum into your nipples. Do you like that?" FRANKIE giggled again, but sighed slightly when her left hand went to her own clit. "Touch yourself while I finger-fuck you, MAXIE-"

MAXINE rubbed harder at her clit. She felt like she was going to have a multiple orgasm. “Y-yeah. I-I-I was just thinkin’ of that, huuuhh … mmmm,” she confessed in a whisper that became a soft moan.

"IMAGINE IT’S RYAN FINGER-FUCKING YOU NOW!" said FRANKIE. "Do you want that? You want it really bad?"

"Ohhhh-hhhh yeeeeaahhh-hhhhhh …"

"How bad?"

"Soo-shhh-ooooooo fff— bb-baad—" was all MAXINE could mutter, in total pleasure now.

The moan got louder and louder. Watching FRANKIE finger her own clit was sending her over the edge. And then she couldn’t help it. MAXINE felt it building and burst; the warmth began to surround her whole pussy in a fuzzy, almost pleasureable way as she began to pee herself in her panties and all over her bed as her sister finger fucked her to the most amazing orgasm she had yet experienced.


MAXINE’s cell phone began to vibrate. FRANKIE pulled it towards her and pushed it hard against her own clit. She tried to hold it in. But seeing her sister lose such control over herself while she finger-fucked her g-spot, and with the intensity of the vibrating on her clit, buzzing against that burning sensation of wetness she always felt moments before she came, she exploded into orgasm. “AHHHHHH—-EHHHHAAHH!” She squealed a high-pitch moan and her pussy began to squirt into her panties with an almighty force, as if she too were peeing herself like her younger sister had.

And with that the two of them fell about one another on the bed, laughing hysterically in extacy.

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